A nightmare cinema experience for a young couple

The first night I went to The Nightmare Cinema, I felt the most claustrophobic I had in ages.

As I walked in the dark, I saw a couple lying on the floor.

They had both been stabbed.

As they lay dying, I noticed they were wearing nothing but their underwear.

I was horrified.

The cinema is a horror film studio, and I was in the middle of an immersive experience.

I didn’t understand why this would happen, so I sat and watched it on repeat.

A few minutes later, I heard a scream and the scream became louder.

I turned around and saw a young man with a butcher knife who had been stabbed in the back.

I ran towards him and started running towards him as he was stabbing the woman.

He had the butcher knife to my throat.

I couldn’t move, but I did not stop moving.

I started shouting, screaming, screaming.

The man with the knife was getting up, so when I was running away from him, he saw me.

He took a swing at me and I hit him in the head.

He fell to the ground.

I held him for a few minutes, but when he was up, he ran back into the house and the woman was dead.

The next night, I went back to the cinema.

This time I felt even more horrified.

I saw the young man and the young woman lying in the hallway, covered in blood.

I screamed at him to stop, and when he did, I hit his head.

I thought it would be OK, but he was still standing there, still holding the knife to the young lady’s throat.

As the woman died, I stood in front of the cinema and screamed.

I hit the cinema with the butcher’s knife, and the screams continued.

I had no idea what was going to happen next.

I tried to leave, but the police caught me and arrested me.

I can’t even explain what happened next.

They took me to a cell, put me in solitary confinement for about six weeks, and interrogated me for hours.

They threatened to put me on suicide watch if I didn ‘t confess to the crime.’

It took me nearly three years to get my sentence reduced.

But when I went on hunger strike, I got my sentence cut from seven to three years.

When I went home, I told my family I had been tortured for nearly a year and a half.

I’m now a free man.

I am relieved I didn’t go to jail, because I never would have gotten my revenge.

I now feel I have a chance to get justice.

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