How do you get a cinema licence in NSW?

The answer is a simple one: go to a cinema.

The NSW Council of Cinemas, the body which oversees cinemas across the state, said it would be a “significant” change to the way the state operates cinema licences, but would not confirm any details.

“The changes will be a significant change in how we operate cinemas in NSW,” a spokesperson said.

“This will include a review of our licensing processes, new licensing models and a review and reassessment of our accreditation process.”

The new licence would allow cinemas to open from 4pm to 7pm and be open for more than 15 days.

The new licensing model would be similar to the existing scheme, where cinemas would have to pay fees to cover the cost of operating, including a 1% fee on all ticket sales.

“It’s important that we take these steps to ensure the best possible experience for customers, and we will do this in a transparent and accountable manner,” a council spokesperson said in a statement.

“These changes are a key step towards ensuring the highest level of safety and quality for everyone in our industry.”

The change will be phased in from next year, and there are no plans to extend it beyond that.

The council said it will review the licensing process to make sure it is “fully aligned with our vision for NSW and our state”.

“The Council of Cinema is committed to ensuring that we maintain and enhance our regulatory framework to provide a safe, enjoyable, and secure environment for all patrons and exhibitors,” the spokesperson said, adding that the new licensing would be rolled out to all cinemas.

“There will be no further changes to the licensing scheme as this will continue to be a model of licensing that allows for a seamless transition for all of our customers and exhibitor.”

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