How does the film look?

Posted October 30, 2018 12:33:24A recent review of a film by Oscar-nominated director Christopher Nolan said it looked like a ‘movie with a gun’ as the character of The Joker was depicted with a ‘bladed weapon’.

Director Christopher Nolan told he was inspired to make the film by the recent massacre in Paris, but said he didn’t know what to make of the look of the film before going into it.

“I’m interested in the fact that this film has a gun in it,” he said.

“And so that was the first thing that I thought when I saw it was a movie with a weapon.”

Director Christopher Morgan, who also directed films including The Lord of the Rings trilogy and the Star Wars prequels, said he was concerned that his film could be perceived as ‘dark’.

“There’s a sense of menace that is there in this film, but I’m worried about that as well,” he told news .com.australia.

“The thing is, I’m just a little bit worried about it because I think it’s going to have an effect on people who are watching it.

If they think this is dark, then they are going to see it.

I think that’s the way the world is at the moment.”

The trailer for Nolan’s film looks almost exactly like a picture of a gun with the words ‘The Joker’ and ‘Dante’ written in red on it.

The film is expected to open in the US on October 25.


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