How to Choose the Best Cinemas in Edinburgh

The Edinburgh Festival of Contemporary Cinema is a gathering of some of the country’s most celebrated cinemas, as well as some of Edinburgh’s most well-known, as it celebrates its 75th anniversary this year.

As well as presenting the world’s best films, the festival also celebrates its roots in the town.

As part of the celebrations, it has taken on a life of its own.

But what are the best cinemas in the city?

Let’s explore.

The best cinemases in Edinburgh include:Bally’s Hotel in Edinburgh’s Regal Cinema. 

The hotel is located in the heart of the city, and it has a wide selection of cinemas. 

Cinema Theatre at St John’s Church, Edinburgh. 

This historic building is one of the oldest cinemas still standing in Edinburgh, dating back to 1879. 

Mickie’s Cinema, Edinburgh’s largest cinema, opened in 1871 and is one the oldest cinema halls in the country. 

Sydney Film Center, the world-famous venue in Southbank, is located on the banks of the River Clyde, and hosts a number of films each year. 

Edinburgh Cinema Centre, Edinburgh Central Library, Edinburgh Westgate, Edinburgh Centre, St John Maguire, Edinburgh Royal National Theatre, Edinburgh Theatre, Old Bailey, and the Edinburgh International Film Festival. 

All are located in a city with an abundance of cinema. 

Towards the south of the capital, there are many more cinemas but none as well-established as the Regal cinema.

Ballys Hotel, Ballysthorpe, Edinburgh, Scotland. 

A well-stocked selection of cinema in a quaint and picturesque village. 

There are plenty of cinematics in the south, and there are a number in the Scottish capital. 

Kew Gardens Cinemas, St Andrews, Glasgow, Scotland, The Kew Gardens cinemas are the largest in the UK and are a popular place to watch films. 

Hugh Grant’s Theatre, Glasgow. 

Staying true to the local tradition, the Hugh Grant Theatre in Glasgow has a cinema that is open to the public, which is a very different experience from most cinemas with an open-plan design. 

Beadle’s Cinemas at Dundee University, Dundee, Scotland

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