How to get a ticket to see the new Star Wars movie

In one of the first major concessions for Disney’s theatrical strategy, the studio has now introduced a brand new, non-linear feature to the Star Wars franchise, called Star Wars: A New Hope.

And it’s not just any new movie.

Instead, it’s a completely reworked version of the 1977 classic Star Wars that’s going to be a big part of the moviegoing experience.

The first of the five films, The Phantom Menace, is the first to be screened in theaters, which means it’ll be available for all to see, and that’s a big deal.

This is the big reveal.

The first three Star Wars films have been released in theatres on a wide variety of platforms, and they’ve been seen by a massive range of people.

In the past, Star Wars has been a pretty predictable franchise, as the first film was the big hit of the pre-internet boom, and there have been several sequels.

But The Phantom Manace was a completely different beast.

In a way, The Force Awakens was a reboot of a franchise that had never really been rebooted.

Instead of seeing the movies as a rehash of the previous films, the new movie would be a fresh take on the original trilogy.

It’s a different approach from the rest of the franchise, and one that’s worked for Star Wars movies over the years.

The Phantom manace’s new approach was a natural extension of that.

So, in a way the new film is a reboot, in the same way that the prequel trilogy is a new version of Episode I. And the first three movies were all great, but I feel like the first two of those movies are still pretty much great.

They just kind of didn’t have the same kind of magic and impact.

So I’m not sure that you can call it a reboot.

But it’s still a new movie, it still has a certain kind of power.

The new film opens with a sequence that’s really cool.

We all know that Luke and Rey meet in the Millennium Falcon, and Luke gets the idea that they need to escape.

They’re both heading for an asteroid and have a fight.

But this scene shows the two in different places, so they’re not fighting in the cockpit.

It also shows a new lightsaber, and we get to see Rey’s lightsaber.

We also get to experience what happens after Rey gets the weapon.

But the most important thing is the moment we see her sword, that is the scene that really changes the movie.

It opens up a lot of the space, it opens up some of the tension, and it opens a lot more than the previous three films, where it’s all set in a hangar.

The Phantom Menaces main character is Rey, and she’s played by a young woman named Daisy Ridley.

She’s kind of a wild character.

I feel that the first movie really focused on her character, and then there was a lot about her being a young girl.

But there’s a lot to the new story, which is, Rey has a kind of destiny.

She wants to be part of something bigger.

She really wants to make sure that her parents are happy, and her dad, who’s been a military man, is a great guy.

But she’s also trying to protect the galaxy.

So she’s very, very determined.

I don’t know if that’s her original purpose.

She may just want to protect them, but she wants to do it with a purpose, and I think that’s the core of her character.

And we have a very powerful female character, a woman who is a military pilot.

She is very good, and the character of the female pilot in the Phantom Menaced has a lot going for her.

We have the first woman in a space station, and all these different characters are all very powerful, and so the character is going to have to figure out what she’s supposed to do in a certain situation.

But, I think there is a very strong sense of that, and a sense of, “This is my destiny.”

We see her face it and say, “I’m going to make it.”

She’s a fighter pilot, she’s got a lot in her, and this is a chance to show that she’s really strong, that she can be a fighter and survive, and take care of her ship.

We see Rey face it.

But I think she also sees the possibilities.

I think this is the kind of character that’s kind to really inspire the franchise in a different way.

I think they really felt that, because they did so well with the prequels, but they also had the presequels, and had some of those stories to tell.

But in the new version, the story is completely different.

I’m thinking, “Okay, it was really fun to do this movie.

Now I want to do a movie where I can make sure I’m going with the franchise.

I want this

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