How to stop the firestorm of criticism for Westwood Cinema app

A new app from Westwood has caused a firestorm online and on social media after users complained about how they were unable to watch their favourite films.

The Westwood Cinemas app, which has been criticised for its lack of accessibility, also caused a backlash after it was released late last month.

The app was originally released on the Apple App Store earlier this month and has been downloaded by more than 20 million users since its launch on November 5.

Users on social news platform Twitter expressed their frustration over the lack of information on how to access the app.

The issue with Westwood’s app was it wasn’t very easy to find.

It’s a free app and it’s on the App Store and Google Play, but it was only available to iOS users.

So how can I access the Westwood app without being a Westwood user?

Theres no way to find it on the Play Store.

So basically I dont know how to get the app on my phone, and theres no website for it.

It was also criticised for being a “sneaky” way to access content without signing up to the service.

Some users also pointed out that the Westfield Cinema app was not included in the app’s release.

“The Westfield app was just a preview and didn’t really make sense,” one Twitter user wrote.

“If it was going to be a free download, it should have been included.

Ive been using Westfield for years and Ive never seen anything like this.”

Another user tweeted that the app should have offered a free trial of the app, not a free version.

“It would have been better if they offered the app for free but then offered it as a paid version,” they added.

The launch of the Westcrest Cinema app comes after a number of online reviews of the Apple Cinema app began to surface.

Users were initially quick to criticize the app and accused it of being a poor choice of content.

“When I first downloaded the app I thought it was a nice app with all the features it promised, but its really just a glorified app,” one user wrote on the app review website.

“Its so confusing and lacks any kind of information, it’s just a terrible experience to use.”

Another reviewer noted the app was “poorly designed” and that it had “a lot of bloatware” that users would have to install.

Another user wrote that the apps accessibility features were not up to scratch.

“You can’t get into Westcret’s app without signing in, which means you can’t use your phone as a remote control to control the movie.

This is really a poor experience, especially when you consider that most of the movies are shown in a single window.””

There are no ‘view all’ buttons, so you can only see the top half of the screen.”

Another review of the new app found that it lacked “good usability”, noting that the content would appear grey and with the occasional “ticker”.

“There is no way I could ever get through to the movie without getting stuck in the queue, and when I did manage to do so it was by the time I could get to the bottom half of that screen.”

“It seems like the app is trying to be so much more than it is.”

One user pointed out the app had been criticised in the past for being slow to load and for being “slow” to respond to suggestions.

“I would have loved to have been able to have my favourite movies show up as soon as they came on the screen,” another user wrote, adding that it “didn’t look very slick”.

“This is a poor app that should not have been released.

It would have improved the experience considerably.”

The criticism of the launch of Westwood is not the only controversy surrounding the app which is also causing problems for the movie industry in Australia.

The Australian Film Institute has launched a scathing report into the state of the Australian film industry after a raft of industry complaints over its lacklustre performance, poor content and poor customer service.

“We are a rapidly ageing industry with a growing number of Australian filmgoers,” the report says.

“In the short term, the industry is likely to experience significant costs associated with the rapid ageing of our population.

We are also likely to see an increase in costs associated to the quality of our film and digital content as a result of the changes we are experiencing in the film and technology industries.”

The report also criticises the way film producers are “increasingly relying on third-party content providers to deliver their film content to our audiences” as they continue to adapt to digital technologies.

“This reliance on third parties is not only costly, but also potentially detrimental to our industry,” the authors say.

“As we age, the film industry will be challenged to find ways to maintain the quality and accessibility of its films and content to a wider audience.”

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