How to watch aksarsbene cinemas from Australia

Aksarsben cinema is one of the few cinemas in Australia that are open on Sundays and has a large outdoor seating area that can accommodate families and young children.

The Aksarbene Cinemas opened in January 2019, in a heritage building that was designed by the architectural firm of Mott MacDonald and Associates.

The film theatre was designed to be the place where Australians could come and watch films, listen to music, and have a drink or snack in the afternoon.

The owners are hoping to keep the cinema open for years to come.

Aksaruen’s owner, a retired businessman who asked to be known only as Mr P, says the cinema has become a tourist attraction.

“It’s a great place to see the movie and eat a meal,” Mr P said.

“But also it’s a place to watch movies in the evening when we are at work or when we have a family to watch over.”

The cinema has a great selection of movies from the last 20 years and has been attracting a lot of visitors.

“The crowds are unbelievable,” Mr R said.

Photo: Supplied The owners have been running a small cinema since 2015, which is what led to the expansion of the cinema to a larger venue.

“We started the cinema because we were having trouble with the business,” Mr K said.

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