Klipsch’s Cinemas 6 and 7: What you need to know about these new models

Klipsack Cinemas’ cinema 7 (6/6) and cinema 6 (6-6-5) models are both 5.6″ screens with a 1080p resolution, although there’s a new feature to their screens: They can be mounted on a wall, or used as a stand for a small dining table.

And for the first time in Klipsches Cinema range, they’ve gone with a full-sized stand, which you can see below.

Klipschn’s Cinema 6 (5.5) and Cinema 5 (5-5-4) have been discontinued, but the Klipsech Cinema 7 (7-6) has been made in house.

Klinsches Cinema 7 models will be available from October. 

The Cinema 6 and Cinema 7 will be the first new cinema screens in five years. 

The cinema screens have been built with a new 3D glass that offers “high definition” and “image clarity”.

It’s a very nice glass, but Klipschen says the glass “allows the screen to have the correct height to accommodate larger screens”.

It will also allow the screen “to be mounted to the wall”. 

Klinsch’s Cinema 7 is designed to be used with a wall or table, and Klinschn says the company’s engineers have designed the film screen “with a view to creating an aesthetically pleasing cinema screen”.

Klipsich says the screens will be able to be mounted in a number of ways. 

For example, they can be “used as a flat surface with a table” and can be used as “an optional stand for dining tables”. 

And what are diners to expect from Klinsack Cinemases cinema screens? “

We have designed our cinema screens with an eye to creating a cinema screen that will appeal to diners and families alike,” said Klinschen. 

And what are diners to expect from Klinsack Cinemases cinema screens? 

“The cinema screen will be designed with an overall design that is aesthetically and functionally pleasing to all viewing groups, including children,” said Krzesinski. 

If you’re in the market for a cinema or cinema set, I’d suggest taking a look at some of the other Klipschi’s Cinemases that are available.

The cinema sets come with a range of options, including a range, for example, of 4K movies, and also feature a variety of movies and genres.

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