Mall Cinemas gropers claim to be on Twitter

Cinemas have reportedly become a “festering, shameful, disgusting cesspool” of gropers and other people harassing women.

The women are allegedly harassed on social media by “hateful, sexist” people, according to The Wrap.

The women are said to have received more than 1,400 messages, mostly “threats and insults”.

One woman claimed she had been threatened with death.

The allegations come after the National Council of Women, the group representing women in the entertainment industry, issued a statement condemning the behaviour.

The NCPW said in a statement that “it is disturbing that a number of the people who harass and assault women in malls have chosen to target and target women online”.

“This behaviour must stop immediately,” it said.

“We are calling on all people who witness or witness harassment, to report it to police.”

The Mall Cinemases, which opened in 2015, has apologised to its staff for the “shameful” behaviour.

“Mall Cinemas unreservedly apologises for the distress and embarrassment this behaviour has caused to its guests and staff and also to the women who are victims of this abuse,” the statement read.

“This has not been an isolated incident and Mall Cinemains commitment to equality for all our guests and employees is ongoing.”

The mall has been criticised for being a “safe haven” for gropers in the past.

In January, The Sun reported that the mall had barred “several women” from going to the cinema due to “shallow attitudes” towards women.

It’s unclear how many women have reported harassment at the cinema since the allegations against the mall surfaced.

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