Outdoor cinema for 2016 to be a showcase of Colorado craft

Outdoor cinema enthusiasts can expect a wide range of movies in theaters and bars from Denver to Boulder in the coming year.

Denver has long had a reputation for outdoor entertainment, but it’s the city’s first outdoor cinema to open its doors this year, The Denver Post reported.

In addition to its large outdoor space, the Denver Cinematheque and the Aurora Cinematheques are among the first of its kind in the state.

Both have outdoor spaces for viewing movies in the evenings and are looking to open more.

“The Denver Cinemacatheque has been operating since 2013 in a renovated old theater,” Aurora Cinemacquette President and CEO David M. Toth said in a news release.

“We are looking forward to a much more open and vibrant community with more moviegoing opportunities.”

Aurora Cinemas and the Denver-based Denver Cinema are planning to open the first outdoor movie theaters in the country in the city next month.

They will be the first theaters in Colorado to open in the fall.

The first theater opened in Denver’s Aurora district in October 2014.

The theater is scheduled to open this month.

The Aurora Cinematics and Aurora Cinemax, which opened in October 2016, will open in early 2017 in Aurora.

Aurora Cinemascopies also will open at locations across Colorado.

Colorado has had some outdoor theaters open in recent years.

In February, The Cinema, a theater that opened in late 2017, was the first theater in Colorado that can screen movies on its patio.

The Cinema opened in Colorado Springs.

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