Pop-Up Cinema Verite: Pop-up Cinema, Movie Theatre, and more!

We are proud to announce that we have partnered with Pop-Ups Cinema to bring you a brand new pop-up cinema theater, theater and movie theater that will be popping up in the New York City subway system, on New York’s Long Island, and on the South Side of Chicago!

The Pop-UP Cinema theater is located on the North Side of Manhattan at 5th Avenue and Central Park West, with a movie theater on the West Side of the block.

We are also working on a second Pop- Up Cinema, a movie theatre and theater that would feature both pop-ups, and will also feature the new BAMF movie theatre on the East Side of New York.

Pop-ups have been popping up all over New York for the past few months, with the first pop-uptes being in Los Angeles, Miami, Miami Beach, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, and Seattle!

We are excited to be partnering with a new venue in New York that has an authentic, authentic look to it and will be perfect for people to come out and experience new types of movies and television shows.

We hope to see more pop-ups pop up across the country, as more and more movie and television series are being created and screened in pop-Upper style.

We can’t wait to see what you will come up with when you open up your new pop up cinema!

Check out the video for more details!

Pop-upping with BAMFs New Pop-upt: “Pop-Upping with Broadway Movies” video The BAMf movie theater is a fully functional movie theater and theater in the heart of New Yorks West Village.

Located on Central Park South, the BAMFI is an eclectic venue, featuring all kinds of movies including, but not limited to: Broadway Shows, Movie Tops, TV Shows, and Video Games.

The BAMPf is a unique place to go for a pop-UP cinema experience, as it is also the home of BAMtv, a new online TV series from Broadway and the film community.

For more information on the BAMPF, visit their website here: www.bamtv.com/en/ Pop–Upts with Popups: “BAMF Pop-Us” video BAMFest, the biggest pop-uppity festival in the world, returns to the world’s greatest theater this September.

Over 150,000 attendees, including pop-uitators, are expected to attend this year’s festival.

BAM Fest was founded in 2008 by the filmmakers and performers of Broadway’s Broadway Show, the best musical comedy in the country.

Over 100 artists, from pop-a-tops to actors and musicians, will perform their best Broadway Show performances, with music by the world famous BAMs, like the band, the Tambourine Band, the All-American Reggae Band, and The Kinks.

Popup movies are on tap this year, as well, including The Black Dahlia Murder, The Sound of Music, and the new Broadway hit, Hamilton.

Popups are also being showcased in other locations, including in San Francisco’s Transamerica Plaza and the New Jersey Shore.

Tickets to the BAMS are $45.00 and can be purchased here: http://bit.ly/BAMFest2018TicketsPop-ups will also be popping-up in select movie theaters in LA, Seattle, and Dallas this fall.

The Pop Up Cinema will also debut in Atlanta’s Buckhead on August 27, 2019.

For tickets to the Pop- Ups, check out the links below:The BAMfest website will be hosting a pop up Cinema with more details soon!

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