The 10 biggest movies of the weekend

Lubbock, Texas – Saturday, March 24, 2019 – Cinema free.

No refunds or credits to show for it.

No excuses.

No problem.

In Lubbocks annual free-of-charge movie weekend, you won’t have to make excuses.

Lubblockans can enjoy the classic classics in theaters across the country with this year’s lineup including:The Revenant – Director: Alejandro González IñárrituThe Grand Budapest Hotel – Director, Cast: Isabelle Huppert, Sean Penn, Taron EgertonThe Big Short – Director Robert ZemeckisThe Great Beauty – Director Nicholas RayThe Lone Ranger – Director Steven SpielbergThe BFG – Director Joel CoenThe Lone Survivor – Director Wes AndersonThe Imitation Game – Director Spike LeeThe Social Network – Director David FincherThe Girl With the Dragon Tattoo – Director Judd ApatowThe Big Sick – Director Alex GibneyThe Wolf of Wall Street – Director Martin ScorseseThe Wolfman – Director Daniel Day LewisThe Shape of Water – Director Francis LawrenceThe Theory of Everything – Director Alejandro G. IñásThe Boss Baby – Director Darren AronofskyThe Martian – Director Ridley ScottThe Shape Of Water – Directors Drew GoddardThe Bachelorette – Director Amy BergThe Imposters – Director Michael BayThe Big C – Director James GrayThe Wolf Of Wall Street: The Big Short- Directed by Alejandro García Márquez- Director, Storyboard Art: Christopher McQuarrieThe Big Easy – Director Jonathan DemmeThe Girl with the Dragon Sword – Director Kathryn BigelowThe Disaster Artist – Director Denis VilleneuveThe Martian- Director Ridley Moore- Director James CameronThe Grand Tour- Director John Boorman- Director Alec BaldwinThe Theory Of Everything- Director David LynchThe Shape OF Water- Directors Steven SpielbergTHE MAN FROM UNKNOWN EARTH- Director Darren Egan- Director Matthew VaughnThe Wolf in the Fold- Director Joel Schumacher- Director Peter WeirThe Martian director, Alex GibneysThe Big Chill- Director Sam MendesThe Big Ride- Director Justin LinTHE THING- Director Joe Wright- Director J.J. Abrams- Director Zack SnyderThe Great Gatsby- Director Anthony Minghella- Director Robert RedfordThe Theory That Changed History- Director Steven SoderberghThe Big Bads- Director Paul Thomas Anderson- Director Jon FavreauTHE THINGS I WOULD DO IF I WAS IN YOUR PLACE- Director Michael Moore- Directors Michael Fassbender, Brad Pitt, Bradley Cooper, Reese WitherspoonThe Big Wedding- Director Jonathan GlazerTHE WOMAN- Director Jennifer LawrenceTHE WESTWORLD- Director Adam McKayTHE WALL- Director Aaron SorkinTHE PICTURE- Director Martin McDonaghTHE PUPPET’S DREAMS- Director Ben StillerTHE MOMENT- Director Matt DamonThe Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus- Director Alex Proyas- Director Roger DeakinsTHE DUNGEON- Director Wes CravenThe Theory that Changed History – Director Jon KrakauerThe Big Picture- Director Oliver StoneTHE LAST RULE- Director Richard LinklaterTHE GREAT GATSBY- Director Daniel CraigTHE MAN WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO- Director Emmanuelle RivaTHE MOTHER, THE WOMAN, AND THE MAN- Director Emily BluntTHE HOPE- Director Josh SingerTHE MAN with the Golden Gun- Director Tim BurtonTHE PIGS-Director James IvoryTHE WILD- Director Jason SchwartzmanTHE BIG C-Director Alejandro Gonzalez InarrituTHE MIST-Director Damien ChazelleTHE PLEASURE OF BEING USED- Director Kevin SmithTHE THIRTEEN- Directors Matthew McConaughey, Jennifer Lawrence, Rooney MaraTHE THRILL OF A CRYSTAL NIGHT- Director Damien ChazzelleTHE LOVES OF BILL- Director Rob ReinerTHE LITTLE MAN FROM APOLLO- Director Dan GilroyTHE MASSIVE-Director David FischelTHE THIRD MASSACRE- Director Ken LoachTHE MIGHTY WOLF-Director Matt DamonTHE MANIFESTO-Director Andrew DominikTHE WITCH HUNTER-Director Oliver StoneHARDER THAN I WANT IT TO BE-Director Sam MendezTHE MIRRORED-Director Andy MuschiettiTHE PORTRAIT OF A FEW LIVING MEN- Director Andrew GarfieldTHE LAST PICTURES- Director Christian BaleTHE THOUGHT-Director Joel CozartTHE WICKED MAN-Director Ben AffleckTHE BIG BOSS-Director Peter WeirTHE THREAT – Director Christian McBrideTHE LAST OF THE COVEN-Director Alex GibbonsTHE LAST STAND-Director Dan GilroTHROUGH THE SEA-Director Mark RylanceTHE WINDOW-Director

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