Trump’s Cinema: $19M, $8M in the Works at Regal Cinemas 14th and 15th October

Trump’s Cinemas at Regals 14th, 15th and 16th October will have an opening of $19.9 million for the films, including $7.9M from Friday previews and $7M from Saturday previews.

Regal’s Cinema 13, which opens Saturday night, will have a first-run opening of about $5M.

Regals 11 was a $1.7M flop.

Theaters will start with the films on Friday.

The Regal films are the latest in a line of Trump-branded Cinemas to open in New York.

Regalo announced that its new movie theater at the World Trade Center will be called the Regal Cinema 14, with the name changed to the more politically-correct Regal 14, after the president’s announcement.

Trump’s first Cinemas will open in Brooklyn and Manhattan, respectively.

Trump is the first president in more than a century to hold a foreign visit, and he has said he would welcome foreign leaders to visit the United States.

In addition to the film business, Trump has purchased more than 500 condominiums and a golf course, among other real estate projects.

Trump’s Cinema has a lot of potential, but will the film go into production?

Trump’s own comments on his Cinema 13 have led to some speculation about what the films might be.

In a tweet Thursday, Trump said the first movie was “very good” and “a big hit.”

The next two movies will likely be much better.

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