Watch: Cineplexes in Montreal are now opening in a movie theater

Montreal’s cinemas have been getting the movie treatment this year.

 The city’s first cinema has opened in a new building in the city’s central business district, and it’s not far from the new CinePlex.

The cinema, named the Cinelex, will open on Thursday and features films from around the world.

The cinema was built in collaboration with the Montreal Film Festival, which was established in 2004 to promote the Montreal film industry.

The city has a history of opening new cinemas in the central business districts, but this is the first time that a new cinema has been built in the downtown area.

The CineLex, which will be the first cinema in the area, is named after the Montreal Exposition and is located in the space formerly occupied by the Cinématographe du cinema.

Cinema directors have expressed concern about the impact that the cinema will have on the citys business, and many have suggested that they should be opened in other locations in the centre of Montreal.

But the mayor of Montreal, Denis Coderre, said that the Cinalex will open in a central location, so that there will be no interruption to the cityscape and that the city can be proud of the work that has been done in Montreal.

“It’s a beautiful space, it’s an interesting place to work in,” said Coderres.

“It’s the place where I want to live.

I want Montreal to be the centre for film, and we want this cinema to be a part of that.”

A city of more than 200,000 people, Montreal has been the city of film for more than a century.

In 2018, the city announced that it was investing $50 million in new cinemacres.

Cinemas will be opening across the city this year, but they are currently only opening in downtown.

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