Watch this movie about an anti-racist movie theatre opening in Brooklyn, NY

Watch this documentary about a theatre in Brooklyn opening for the first time, in an effort to fight racism.

It’s called the Brooklyn Theater, and it’s opening in May.

The theater will be a joint venture between a group of local African-American businesses and the city of New York.

It is a new project that has sparked some controversy, as it’s a bit too progressive for some.

“The Brooklyn Theater is a community theater,” said Jasmine Tcholkin, the executive director of Brooklyn Black Entertainment and a theater owner.

“We’re trying to bring people together, and we want to make a positive impact on the communities around us.”

The Brooklyn Theater’s goal is to “create a space for community and collaboration, where all communities can come together to celebrate the richness of life, not only in the United States, but around the world.”

Tchalin said the project was launched with the support of the African-Americans in the area, as well as the local black businesses that are supporting it.

“Our goal is not just to bring together the different communities in this space.

We’re not just interested in bringing in one or two people, but all the communities that we’re connecting with,” Tchilkin said.

The Brooklyn Theatre has plans to open up the space in May, and is looking to build out a more permanent space in Brooklyn.

The new theater will also host live performances, as opposed to being in an auditorium, which was the original plan.

Tchilikski said that the space will be an “alternative to the corporate theater model” and will be open for events like community art walks and workshops.

The space has been in the process of getting permits from the city for years.

But the project hasn’t been without controversy.

The building has been the subject of protests and graffiti, and one group, the Black Lives Matter Brooklyn chapter, was banned from the space after the theater received criticism from other community groups.

However, the theater has faced criticism for being a “safe space” for trans people and people of color, according to the New York Post.

The owners hope that their new venture will be “a safe space for all people of all backgrounds, all walks of life.”

The theater has already had some controversy.

“There have been many calls to shut it down.

But we are here to keep it going and be a space where the community can come, where the businesses can come and we can be a place where people can have fun,” Tchiilikskin said in a statement.

“As a theater, we’re a space to showcase and support the art of our communities.

We are a community theatre, and this project is part of that.”

You can watch the Brooklyn Theatre’s full press release below: Brooklyn Theater: A New York City Theater That Creates a Community to Celebrate Diversity and Collaboration, Coming to Broadway and Broadway Video: Brooklyn Theatre Opening Times: May 1, 2018: 7:30 pm, $28-$50 Admission: $35 ($20 in advance) *Broadway Cinemas, NY: 6:30-8:30 p.m.

May 8, 2018, 7:00 pm, Free.

*Broadwell Theatre: 6 p..m.-8 p.:30.

May 18, 2018 – Brooklyn Theater at the Brooklyn Public Library, 59 Wall Street, Manhattan: 7 p.p.m., $19-$23 Admission: Free.

Brooklyn Theatre at the Manhattan Theatre, 89 Greenwich Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10010: 7-8 p

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