When You’re Not Looking, You’re In The Movies

Scotia Cinemas, a subsidiary of MGM Resorts International, is closing the shuttered Cinemas at The Meadows, the company announced today.

The cinema’s three locations are located in Houston, Austin and Scotia.

A company spokesman said in a statement that the cinema was a significant loss for Scotias parent company, MGM Resort International, and that the company is now in the process of selling the property to make way for new movie productions.

The Meadows is an upscale outdoor movie theater located in the Houston area and is part of the MGM Residences, a complex of three high-end residential buildings, which has been under construction since 2008.

The company said that it will remain open for viewing the films from its three locations and will continue to operate the company’s flagship location in Houston.

Scotiaca Cinemas had opened three Cinemas locations in Texas, but in February 2018, the Houston-area chain decided to close them.

In August 2018, Scotica announced it would close its Houston location in the same year.

Scotiacas parent company MGM Resorces International, or MGM Res, said in September 2018 that it was planning to sell its Houston and Scotias locations.

In October 2018, MGM announced plans to sell the property, which includes the Scotiabank Theatre, the Marriott Marquis and the The Meadows Hotel.

In a statement, ScotiabiCorp said that the closing of the Huntsville and Houston cinemas will result in approximately $1 million in savings for its shareholders, which include a substantial number of individuals.

Scotiabanks parent company said in the statement that it is committed to providing a strong and secure moviegoing experience in Huntsville, which will include a number of the same facilities, including the Huntsvillle Movie Theater, the Huntsworth Town Hall and the Huntsman Center.

The Huntsville Movie Theater will remain closed as a permanent facility and will not be re-opened.

The Huntsville Cinemas site is a “key location” for the company in its efforts to expand the Huntsdale location, the statement said.

The film company will continue its current Huntsville location, which is in the area of The Meadows at the corner of W. Houston and W. Washington, as a movie-centric venue.

The Cinemas will remain on-site as part of a planned new Huntsville movie production facility, which would be located in Huntsvilline.

Scotsia Cinematics, which began operations in 2000, is a subsidiary company of MGM, and its Cinemas are the largest and most popular independent movie theaters in the country.

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