Which countries are hosting the world’s most expensive cinema?

In a world where ticket prices have soared, the price of cinema tickets has risen by an astonishing 25 per cent over the last two years.

The latest data from the World Cinema Association (WCA) shows that there are now 4,000 cinemas in the world with an average of around $2,000.

The biggest growth has been seen in China where the number of cinemas has increased by 1,800 in the last year, or 7 per cent.

A number of countries, such as Russia, India and Mexico, are now experiencing increases in the number and quality of their cinema.

The WCA says this is driven by two factors.

Firstly, the increased demand for cinema tickets as more and more people watch the big screen on a regular basis.

This is reflected in the rising prices of tickets.

And secondly, a rise in the popularity of mobile phone apps such as iPlayer and Netflix that allow people to watch films online.

In 2017, the average price of a ticket in the US was $1,827, while the average ticket in Australia was $2.85.

According to the WCA, this increase in ticket prices has been driven in part by the emergence of more niche film genres.

“The increasing popularity of premium and classic films has increased demand and helped drive the rise in ticket pricing,” WCA managing director Matt Grewal said.

What can I expect in my cinemas?

“In the US, we have seen a significant increase in the percentage of seats that are being dedicated to independent films,” Mr Grewa said.

“The number of independent film screens is growing, and now there are more than 20,000 independent cinemas worldwide.”

The biggest cinema chains have increased their prices to cover the growing need for seats.

However, there is also a growing number of new cinemas that are opening in the Middle East and Africa.

One of the biggest new cinema chains opening in Australia is the newly opened Sydney International Cinema.

The cinema is the largest cinema chain in Sydney and it has expanded to a total of 18 screens.

As the number to watch movies online has exploded, the number at the cinema has also risen.

Mr Gaw said this had resulted in the increase in movie tickets.

Womens cinema The number of women-only cinema theatres in Australia increased by almost 50 per cent between 2014 and 2017, according to the Australian Cinematheque Association (ACAA).

WCA statistics also show that women’s cinemas are increasingly showing films on the big screens.

In 2016, there were around 4,200 women-and-boys cinemas across Australia.

This is up from about 3,000 in 2014 and 2,500 in 2000.

But the average age of women cinema patrons in Australia has increased from 28 years old in 1999 to 40 years old by 2020, the ACAA said.

The ACAA has also published figures showing that there were 1,900 female cinema patrons per 1,000 people in Australia.

This compares to about 400 per 1.5 million people.

Women-only cinemas can also be seen in other countries.

Australia is home to more than 60 women-run cinemas, and some of these cinemas have expanded.

Here’s a look at the top ten most popular cinemas with women-led cinemas. 


The Royal Cinema in Brisbane (Australia) 2.

Royal Cinema of Adelaide (Australia and New Zealand) 3.

The Great Western Cinema (Australia, New Zealand and United Kingdom) 4.

Great Western Cinemas (Australia)*5.

Serenity Cinema (UK) 6.

The Ballymore Cinema (New Zealand)7.

The Red Fox Cinemas in Victoria (Australia & New Zealand)*8.

The Grand Cinema (Australian)9.

The Old City Cinema (US & Canada)10.

The Soho Cinema in New York City

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