Why is Netflix trending?

Netflix is trending because of a feature in the latest version of its app.

The feature is called ‘The Movie Corner’ and is a feature that allows users to queue up movies that are being released for the next day, in advance of their release.

Netflix is hoping that the feature will boost its user numbers.

There is also an update that includes an ‘exclusive’ feature for people who purchase movies from Netflix through their Prime membership.

However, the feature is not available for anyone who buys movies through the Apple app store.

Netflix’s new feature was announced in October and will be available to Prime subscribers on January 6.

It was launched as part of the latest Netflix app update, which is available to Apple users.

It features a feature called ‘Movie Corner’ that allows subscribers to queue movies in advance for a day.

Netflix says that when a movie arrives for release on January 12, it will be displayed on a day-by-day timeline.

However it is not currently possible to watch a movie while waiting for it to be released in a specific order.

Users can queue movies as a ‘date-to-date’ or a ‘movie-by in-progress’ queue.

Once a movie is available for release, Netflix will display it in the ‘movie preview’ section of the app.

Netflix will also offer a movie-by filter that allows people to see movies from a particular film title by date.

The movie preview section of Netflix’s app will also show a preview of a movie based on its availability in theaters.

There are currently around 4,000 titles available in the Netflix library, according to the company.

This is up from around 2,000 before the feature was launched.

Netflix has been increasing the number of movies available to customers through the app and the feature has been a big part of this.

Netflix said that it would like to see the feature available to more customers.

But it is unclear how many customers have actually purchased movies through its Prime service.

However Netflix has also been working on a feature similar to this in the past, which allows subscribers access to movies through their streaming service.

This feature will not be available until January 6, but Netflix has announced that the company will be testing it in its first month.

Netflix did not provide an estimate of how many movies are available to the Prime members in Australia.

However there is a large amount of data on the streaming service which suggests that the average Netflix subscriber will have watched approximately 2,400 movies on Netflix this year.

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