Why we hate the movie theatre

It was a weekend of joy, of laughter, of excitement and of tears.

I’m not sure what they were thinking, but they were not laughing.

I was on the floor of the theatre in the New York Public Library and I felt like I was going to be crying in front of everyone, because it was the last thing I expected to feel.

This was, at the end of the day, the happiest weekend of my life.

The New York Film Critics Circle Awards were held Sunday night in New York City.

I won best actress in a comedy for The Disaster Artist, the film I wrote and directed.

It’s my first movie, but I’ve written and directed several others.

I had a tremendous amount of fun and I’m thrilled to have been nominated.

I feel like I’ve got a lot to offer as a filmmaker.

I have a lot of good stories to tell, and I know I’m going to give them the right amount of heart and soul, because I know what they’re looking for.

My mother was there and she was very happy for me, as was my wife, and the other nominees were so wonderful.

I want to thank everyone who made the movie, the people who watched it, and all the people in the audience who made me feel so loved and supported.

I hope I will get a chance to make a movie again someday.

I’ve been thinking about that.

I know it’s not going to happen, but that’s not the end.

I’ll still make films.

I love to make films, but when you get down to it, I love doing the same kind of work.

I can’t believe I got nominated for a movie that was so bad, that didn’t do anything to improve on what I already had.

I didn’t think I was making a good film when I was nominated, but it was, and now I’ve gotten a chance, and it’s wonderful.

It really means a lot.

I really enjoyed working with all the other people who came up to me and were like, “Wow, you’re doing a really good job, thank you.”

It’s a great honor, especially for the people at the other end of things.

The people who were nominated, that’s what really means.

It was just the kind of honor I needed, because the films I’m making, it’s a film festival.

I wanted to make good films, so I had to have a great time.

I just hope to be remembered as a good filmmaker.

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